6 Risky Sex Positions for the Steamiest Outdoor Sex!

There’s nothing wrong with pushing pleasure to the limits. Among the many ways to spice up your sex life is also playing on the edge and savoring the benefits of outdoor sex. Fun, instant, and packed on chemistry, outdoor sex carries something inviting with it and lets you play.

To get away from the habit your sex life has become, take your lust somewhere public, but not public enough. Of course, outdoor sex is all about getting pleasure in a time-efficient manner, so here are 6 excellent sex positions to make it all go smoother!  

You’ve Been Benched

If you happen to come across a secret bench you want to try out, this position is everything you want. The position requires the woman to have a seat in a man’s lap, whether face to face or sideways if you want to be on the safe side.

Make a Tree

The tree pose can be done against just about any surface- a wall, an actual tree or a door. The pose requires the woman to stand before the man (think, standing doggy style), and lift one of her legs up at the knee. If necessary, the woman can kneel a bit, which helps adjust things during penetration.

Fire Hydrant

Outdoor sex doesn’t always have to be about penetrative sex, and the Fire Hydrant shows it. In the position, the woman is typically standing while the man kneels before her for some oral pleasure. Should you decide on penetration as well, have your partner squat over you while you pound from below.

Have a Picnic

You know those wooden picnic tables they have set up in parks and gardens? Yeah, those. A great idea for an outdoor quickie, a picnic table is great for couples with height differences. The position is simple, the woman seats at the edge of the table, while the man is standing between her legs, ready for action.

In My Arms

Finally, make your summer adventures count and go for the in-the-water position. The traditional position is when the man holds the woman in his arms, her legs around his waist. However, being in the water can really give you a whole list of other ideas on how to make it work down under.

Highway to Pleasure

There’s no better place for fooling around than your car. Next time you drive off into the sunset, use the open road and passing cars to have some fun with masturbation and finger play.

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