10 Facts on Sexual Chemistry You Should Know! (vol.1)

Sexual appeal works differently for everyone. For that reason, what makes sexual chemistry so good and pleasurable is up for discussion. While some find sexual attraction in the nurturing side of sex, others find the source of arousal through kinky play.

So, what makes two people click at an erotic level? How important is sexual chemistry altogether?

Read on to learn 5 intriguing things on sexual connection and how it works.

Sexual Chemistry: We’re Attracted to Similarly Looking People!

Oftentimes, sexual chemistry is based on how similar to us they physically look. Studies also make a note of this, saying most people responded sexually to photos of subjects who looked similar to them. So basically, what sexually drives you to someone has a lot to do with almost having sex with yourself. Go figure.

We’re Attracted to People Similar to Our Parents!

In this case, things don’t revolve so much around looks, but gestures, grimaces, and attitude. The merits we see in our parents can lead us to become sexually attracted to someone we recognize these in. Whether this comes from the idea of closeness and intimacy you have at home, the fact that we’ll look for our mom’s sass among the ladies stands.

Sexual Chemistry Depends on Physical Arousal!

And we don’t mean vibrators. For instance, if you had just exercised, the odds of finding someone sexually intriguing will be higher. As you already know, physical effort increases your heart rate. For that reason, this heated energy can easily be turned to arousal. It goes without saying lads if you want to keep it hot, hit the gym first.

Booze Sometimes Helps!

According to studies, drunk enough individuals have a greater chance of finding themselves sexually attracted to another person.  First, there is the ‘stranger’ scenario which always does the trick. Then, alcohol acts as a real self-confidence booster, which then gets you a little to the limber side. But, having said that, always keep in mind that with alcohol, moderation is key.

Playing the Hard-to-Get Card!

Ah, is there a bigger sex trigger than the forbidden fruit? I don’t think so. There will always be something alluring in getting the one you can’t have- it’s basically what chemistry is all about. Whether you’ll score or not is yet to be discussed, but the concept itself is irresistible and forbidden. You know where I’m going with this.

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