5 Wild Ideas for a More Erotic Relationship!

Together with sex, erotica plays a huge part in spicing things up. Unfortunately, we often forget to pay enough attention to sexuality, rather than just having sex. Being in a long relationship can become a routine of sorts, but your sex life doesn’t have to suffer as a result.

In fact, keeping your curiosity, open-mindedness, and intimacy alive is possible by reintroducing the seductive kinks which bring it all together.

Let’s list 5 intriguing ideas to reconnect you with the fun, sensual and provocative side of sex, and bring the Erotic Relationship feel back to life. 

Meet for the First Time

Although it’s been a while since your very first date, the level of attraction doesn’t have to be lost on you for good. If you want to reignite the spark, one way to do it is to redo your first date with a sexy twist. For an extra charge of chemistry, meet up with your partner in public, get ‘acquainted’ and go for the entire one-night-stand vibe. 

Erotic Behavior

In all fairness, there is more than one way to make things erotic around your partner. From eating provocatively, to ‘accidentally’ walking around the house naked, the choice is yours. The thing about making your surroundings more erotic is to get creative and lure your partner into your dirty little game.

Erotic Relationship: Flirt!

Aside from reconstructing your first date, you can always kick things up with flirting. Flirting with each other from different sides of the room, staring each other down, and teasing can be a great tool to improve your overall sex life.

If your partner is really up for a challenge, you can always allow yourself to flirt with others, as long as some boundaries are established upfront. Trust me, whenever you forget just how spectacular your partner is, let another man have her attention, even if for an innocent flirt.


As bad as you think you are at sexting, I bet you enjoy it as much as your partner does. Therefore, put the shyness and reservations aside and dig into the sultry world of erotic narratives. Sexting can take many shapes and forms and can be whatever you make it- an innocent tease, a hot pursue, or a hot snap of your boxers. Your move.

Erotic Relationship: Snap a Photo!

No, I am not referring to taking nudes. To really get things going for your partner, create a dimmed and way setting, and play with the camera a bit. Worshiping your partner’s assets by turning them into sensual photos can be a great turn-on for the two of you, and will have you heading for the bedroom in no time.

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