Have Better Sex with Age with These 6 Tips!

Aging and sex are still considered a stigmatic duo; with many believing that having great sex with age is just not a possibility. Well, according to the science of sex, there is no such thing as the perfect age for sex. That said, you can and should have a satisfying and dynamic sex life at every stage of your life.

To get there, here are 6 approved tips to help you keep your sex game strong at any age.

Keep Your Space Clean

Although it sounds odd, keeping your living space and bedroom clean and neat will drastically improve the quality of your sex life. Women are very responsive to tidy spaces; and most of them prefer you to keep your place clean and your thoughts dirty.

Lubricant Matters!

As you age, things ‘down there’ get drier and lose natural lubrication. Therefore, if you are aiming at a smooth and pleasant sexual experience; a lubricant is your best ally in getting both. Lubricants are recommended to use during sex all the time and no matter your age; and that is because they help boost the arousal, wetness, and overall pleasure during intercourse.

Be Wild

With age, sex becomes more known and less mysterious, which is sad yet true. One of the most relevant things to remember about your sex life as you age is not to let it become dull. To step outside your routine; be wild enough to experiment with new concepts and scenarios that will keep your drive and arousal alive. Take the fun outside the house, perhaps?

The 6-Minute Rule

A mid-life sex study discovered that people who spend six to ten minutes cuddling after sex had much more pleasing experiences and more enhanced sex life. Although spooning after sex is not talked about enough; it represents a natural way to connect and keep the intimacy alive between you and the other person.

Check Your Hormones

The thing about aging is that your testosterone levels may drop over time. If you begin to feel you’re your masculinity and force are fading; it is best to make a doctor’s appointment and check your hormonal levels. Testosterone is the key hormone that keeps both your drive and performance active; and you can make up for lost amounts by working out, eating right, and even taking prescribed supplements.

Think Differently

Sex is far more than just penetration and basic foreplay. As you age, make sure you expand your knowledge of having sex in all sorts of ways. That said, empower your foreplay skills by learning new oral techniques or play with different positions and aspects of pleasure. Sex is not just intercourse, and it is about time you put this knowledge into practice.

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