The Dos and Don’ts of Booking an Escort!

You might be wondering whether dating a professional escort comes with an established escort etiquette, and the answer is YES. Professional escort dates are pay-to-play arrangements, yes, but even so, both escorts and clients need to follow certain guidelines to ensure their date goes flawlessly. 

When it comes to the dos and don’ts of dating an escort, here are 6 things to guarantee you a superb, no-muss-no-fuss escort experience. 

1. Be Punctual

One of the things clients need to remember when booking an escort date is that escorts work around a pre-planned schedule. Because of that, being late for your date might cost you valuable time with your escort. As far as escorts are concerned, you can expect your date to show up on time, so be a proper gentleman and don’t leave her hanging and waiting for you.

2. Study Her Profile

Once you choose and escort, make sure you check her online profile as well as her earlier client reviews. Oftentimes, clients assume all escorts provide the same services, but that is not the case. If you have a particular service in mind (say, travel dating), ensure that your chosen escort has that service listed on her profile. If unsure what a certain service means, you can always research the term online or consult your escort agency to learn more.

3. Leave the Cost Alone

When you book an escort date, always ensure you determine the price of your experience. Depending on your chosen services, your escort date can cost more or less than you planned, so knowing your total cost is important. Once you meet your date, bargaining the price of her services will be considered inappropriate and you’ll risk offending your escort and even ending your date prematurely.

4. A Gift

It goes without saying that dating and gifts go hand in hand. And, just because you are paying for your experience doesn’t mean your escort doesn’t deserve a small token of appreciation and consideration. The gift you give your date doesn’t have to be overpriced or too fancy- sometimes, a nice bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers will do.

5. Don’t Make Your Date an Interrogation

While I am certain you are curious to learn how your escort date is managing her professional and personal life, being snoopy is never okay. Sure, you can chat with your escort about her work and life in general, but anything that goes deeper into her personal life is simply impolite.

6. Leave a Review

We cannot stress enough just how important reviewing your escort is and doing it right, too. Escorts depend on great client reviews to grow their popularity and careers, so if you had a great time on your date, take a few minutes to praise your escort online. That said, avoid going into detail about your experience and whatever you do, keep your vocabulary classy and elegant.


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