6 Condom Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing!

When it comes to sex and staying safe, condoms guarantee you 98 percent of success and efficiency. However, using condoms in the right manner has never been, and unfortunately so, of a popular topic of discussion. Using a condom properly can seem like an easy task to handle until you realize you might have been doing some rookie mistakes all along.

Long story short, here are the 6 condom mistakes you might be doing without realizing it.

Check Your Product

It might seem that a condom wouldn’t need pre-checking of efficiency but being thorough can actually save you a lot of trouble down the road. Some of the key things men tend to skip when buying condoms include its expiration date, ingredients, brand type, and possible product rips and damage. Eyes open, lads!

One is Better than Two

Oftentimes, in order to stay extra-safe, some men will put two condoms instead of one. Well, this is one of the biggest no-no’s you might be doing. Wearing two condoms at once can actually damage the structure of the condoms and cause them to rip. Next time you think two is the way to go, think about how less is more, too. 

Putting It on Wrong

The ideal time to put on a condom is right after the penis is erect. Sometimes, men try to put a condom on when their erection is not at its fullest, which can cause the product to loosen or break. Another important thing about the perfect timing to put on a condom is to always use it before having vaginal contact.

The Unpinched Tip

When you first learned about putting on a condom, you likely noticed you should always pinch the tip of it. The reason this is important is that this little space is responsible for holding the semen in place. That said, if you give yourself no space for that purpose, you are risking breaking the condom and creating quite the mess.

Wrong Size

Although it might not look like it, your condom size is very important for both your safety and enjoyment. If your condom size is too small, you might struggle to put it on, so it might break. If the condom is a size too big, you risk contracting an infection or even an unwanted pregnancy.

Cuddling with a Condom On

While spooning and cuddling after sex is a wonderful practice, never do it with your condom still on. If you wear the condom after your orgasm, it will go flaccid and cause ‘spillage’. And no, you don’t have to spoil your cuddling session- just lean to the side and hold the base of the condom to remove it.

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