4 Comfortable Sex Positions for Well-Endowed Gentlemen!

In the world of sex, penis size still plays a significant role in making orgasms happen. That said, some men struggle with their shortcomings, and some, interestingly, worry they might be a bit too gifted in that department. Speaking of the latter, it turns out that, for some men, ‘bigger is better’ can sometimes be problematic in bed.

If you happen to be among the more gifted half, you are probably wondering how to make sex more pleasurable for your partner or date. To get you in that precise, comfortable spot during sex, here are 4 comfortable sex positions you can practice!

Comfortable Sex Positions: Reverse-Back Cowgirl!

The reverse-back cowgirl position works amazing when you want to limit deeper penetration, thus avoiding causing your woman pain or discomfort. In this position, the girl is on top with her back to the man and can lower herself as far down as she wants. In addition, she can move at her own pace, accommodate the man’s length, and dictate the tempo of motions, too. A win-win situation for all!

The Seated Straddle!

Controlling the pace when you have a larger penis can be done with the seated straddle position. In it, the man takes a seat at the edge of a bed, with his feet on the floor. The woman comes on top, straddling him closer. If a straight back position is too much for the woman, she can always lean back a little. The man in this position offers steadiness, hits just the right angle, and avoids going too deep too suddenly.

Comfortable Sex Positions: The Close-Up!

Similar to the previous position, the close-up is a variation of the Lotus. In the position, the man is seated on a bed, the woman comes on top, and the legs intertwine. The position doesn’t require too much motion or thrusting, which is perfect if you want to avoid intensity. What the position is excellent for is gentle rocking back and forth, with the butt providing decent enough barrier so things don’t get too deep and personal. Add eye contact to your already intimate position, and you got yourself a knockout feel.   

Reverse Spoons

This position is just like spooning but in reverse. To get into it, lie on your sides, with one of your legs over the woman’s hip, while her top leg comes between yours. And, penetration. No rush, no fuss, you can take your time getting into position and slowing down whenever your length becomes a tad too much for your woman. Plus, in this position, you get to work the clitoris, breasts, and butt all at once, which means a more lubricated, and more gliding experience.

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