8 Incredible Benefits of Having an Orgasm

There are plenty of benefits that come with a mind-blowing orgasm. Pleasure aside, orgasms can actually work as health boosters and improve your overall wellbeing, emotionally and physically.

While the climax is not always an end goal of your sexy affairs, having orgasms on a regular basis is super-beneficial to various aspects of your health. So, how do orgasms help exactly? Here are 8 key benefits that come with reaching orgasmic pleasure.  

1. Orgasms Keep Your Skin Healthy

Due to the production of oxytocin during orgasm, your body reduces cortisol levels (goodbye stress!), which ultimately means fewer risks of getting breakouts and skin rashes. Together with hormones, orgasms also help boost blood and oxygen circulation, especially in facial muscles.

2. Orgasms Make You Confident

It is no secret that orgasms can make you feel more sexually but also physically and mentally stronger. Once you associate the sense of pleasure an orgasm brings, your body and mind decide to rely on this pleasure factor, which ultimately makes you more confident and courageous to explore your sexuality.

3. Orgasms Empower Sleep

The relaxation that follows after an orgasm can be a great sleep inducer. After orgasm, our bodies produce more prolactin, a hormone that introduces a calm, sleepy sensation. At the same time, oxytocin and vasopressin are also released during an orgasm, both of which ensure a steadier and more peaceful sleep.

4. Orgasms Count as a Brain Workout

The brain is one of the main causes of orgasms, aside from physical stimulation. Closely connected, the brain treats orgasms like a workout, mostly due to the increase in blood flow that reaches the organ.

5. Orgasms Keep Your Hair Healthy

Orgasms help boost overall circulation in the body, and that includes your scalp, too. The end result? A healthier complexion and stronger and shinier hair.

6. Hormonal Boost

Orgasms are not the fountain of youth but can help the body produce youth-related hormones. As your blood pressure lowers when you have an orgasm, the aging process is delayed and your body becomes packed in essential longevity-related hormones, such as collagen and estrogen.

7. Orgasms Strengthen the Immunity

When you have an orgasm, the body releases a chemical called DHEA, which is responsible for keeping your immune system strong. In addition, this chemical also helps protect your bones and joints and encourages tissue repair.

8. Orgasms Make You Happier

Again, oxytocin produced during your orgasm can make your body and mind feel deliriously good. After all, they don’t call it the ‘feel-good’ hormone for nothing.

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