4 Sex Misconceptions Men Have!

Every once in a blue moon, sex misconceptions tend to happen and stick. For men and women, sex does not represent the same journey to pleasure; which is why most men are left confused with what they could be doing wrong in bed.

Even if it is with the best of intentions; certain sexual misunderstandings can truly impair the quality of your bedroom games. And as it is high time we address what goes and doesn’t in the bedroom; let’s share 4 key misconceptions men have on sex (and the ways you can change your mindset).  

The Longer the Sex, the Higher the Pleasure!

Sure, women need more time to orgasm and uncover sexual pleasure; but prolonging your experience without any direction will always turn fruitless. Sometimes; even the quickest of quickies can be equally satisfying as hours-long sex, and it all has to do with your skills in seducing a woman properly and building her arousal.

On a daily basis, a sexy 20-minute affair (not including foreplay, of course) will do the trick. Therefore, without getting stressed about lasting for hours on end, start thinking quality over quantity.

Sex Misconceptions: Time and Place!

While you don’t want to exhibition your sexual activities; thinking sex only happens in the bedroom is the wrong way of doing it. The sexual thrill starts way earlier than having actual sex; and this is an important time to work on creating sexual attraction, excitement, and connection.

If you are into sultry little games, an exchange of sexts; a flirty compliment, or a discreet intimate touch can be your biggest allies.

All Women are Created the Same!

Aside from physical biology and anatomy, women’s bodies tend to receive and reflect sexual pleasure differently. That said, some women prefer longer oral sex, while others are into nipple stimulation. In addition; there are women who don’t mind a position on top and there are those who like their man in charge of the motion.

If you are dating off the grid, you cannot really tell which woman likes what in bed. To be on the safe side, asking her for direction is always recommended over assuming you know what she likes.

Sex Misconceptions: Women Don’t Look At Men Sexually!

Oh, trust me, they do. Even more, just like men tend to get their eyes caught on physical appearance, so do women. Don’t be surprised to learn just how many women will check out a man before going to bed with him. Even if it is your long-term partner, women feel sexually attracted to a man who looks and feels good; and who can reciprocate the same level of pleasure. Conclusion? Your naked body is a massive turn-on for women, so use it to your advantage.

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