5 Tricks to Get You Turned On, ASAP

Lack of sex enthusiasm can be equal for men and women, but one thing stands certain- it happens. Whatever the reasons for this might be, and there can be plenty, getting turned on for sex is an issue for many. And while a sexy mood is not an all-day mood, it can be triggered in more ways than one.

Interestingly, you can spark up your sexiness by implementing several tricks to help you rebuild your eroticism. So, if you are missing the hots and are ready to get back on track, here are 5 Tricks to get you turned on.

Mental Stimulation!

Feeling horny or sexually excited beginns with exciting the brain. That’s why mental stimulation can work in your favor. To achieve it, find a quiet corner of your house, take an hour off your schedule and let your hot fantasies roam around your head freely. From one fantasy to another, it shouldn’t be long before you develop the skill of putting yourself in a sexy mood.

Tricks to get you turned on: Aromatherapy!

Sex and smell go well together, which is why aromatherapy helps turn you on. Some of the most sexually arousing smells include lavender, pumpkin pie, licorice, and cinnamon. There are many ways to enjoy these aromas, too- from lighting candles to making desserts and using essential oils.

Put Something Sexy On!

Feeling sexy is also a matter of feeling good in your own skin and is equally important for men and women. Because of that, whenever your sexy thrills go away, throw on something sexy and comfortable and enjoy your steamier side. From nice boxers or briefs to some lacey lingerie, a suit and tie, and a little black dress- what makes you look sexy in the mirror will have you also feeling hot on the inside.

Tricks to get you turned on: A Bubble Bath!

Taking a bubble bath is great for pampering and getting back to your sexiest self. When making your bath, add some candles and play some sensual music to get you in the zone. Even more, if you have the time for it (and you better find it!), play with yourself under the layer of bubbles.


Exercise might sound boring, but it is absolutely essential to feeling sexy and empowered. Not only you’ll look more ripped, but you will also feel better about being naked and will develop greater confidence in bed. And once you care enough to share that confidence, your partner will be right there, ready for showtime.

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