5 Personal Hot Valentines Gifts!

Do you have a sexy shopping list ready in time for Valentine’s Day? Sure, romantic gifts such as a box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses should do the trick just fine. But, if you want to take this year’s day of love a step further, keep your sexy attitude in mind!

If you have no plans for Valentine’s Day, you can always make the most of this holiday at home, and heat up the bedroom like never before! With the idea of equally satisfying both parties at the same time, here are 5 Hot Valentines Gifts and raunchy gifts to get your steamy celebrations started!

A Double-Duty Toy!

Isn’t simultaneous sexual pleasure what we’re all after? To make sure your erotic game is on point, a double-duty toy can work well in your and your partner’s favor. Out of the many effective double-pleasure toys out there, a cock ring-vibrator combination certainly sounds like your most erotic dream come true. Easy to use and stimulating for both partners, this little gadget will become your favorite sex toy for Valentine’s and every other day of the year!

Hot Valentines Gifts: Love Cushion!

Yes, there is such a thing as a love cushion. The love cushion is a comfortable and practical toy that can help you put many sex positions to practice. Moreover, this gift will certainly put a smile on your partner’s face as it targets the G-spot and promises electric orgasms to come!

An Aphrodisiac Bubble Bath

Meet the Sex Bomb, a unique blend of aphrodisiac essences which will be the perfect addition to your bathtub! Get in the nude, light up some candles and enjoy the erotic magic created by scents like sage, jasmine, and ylang-ylang.

Hot Unisex Underwear

Who’s to say that only women get to wear sexy lingerie in bed? This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself and your partner with a par of unisex underwear which is comfy, silky and beyond provocative. Don’t be afraid to experiment with wearing lustful underwear for the holiday- your partner will love it!

Hot Valentines Gifts: Artistic Love!

Now here’s a gift that will have you rolling around naked with your partner and creating art at the same time! Available online and in nearby sex shops, the art love kit comes with a canvas and removable colors. Undress yourselves, paint all over each other and let your passion translate on a blank canvas! Creating memories never looked so fun!

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