5 Reasons Why Blindfold Sex Works!

What’s so special about blindfold sex? Well, plenty of it actually.

Ever since BDSM and soft kink became a thing, the idea of blindfolding your partner has sparked up the curiosity in many couples willing to experiment. Blindfold sex are a safe, kinky and deliciously provocative prop that will, without a doubt, create erotic magic in the bedroom.

So, how to use it right? Here are 5 amazing reasons why blindfolding is much more fun than it seems.

Blindfold Sex: An Innovation!

Having an orgasm with a blindfold on will increase its intensity, duration, and quality. Blindfolds can be just about anything- from scarves to tights and shawls. There is something truly new in seeing how the body responds when sight is not part of the picture. If you are looking forward to spicing things up in bed, a blindfold is your perfect starting point.

Greater Inhibitions!

With a blindfold on, you will likely become more limber in the bedroom, unraveling your hidden desires with ease. Without a blindfold on, we usually hesitate to behave a certain way in bed, but once the cover comes on, you’ll discover a whole new aspect of sexuality. And you know what? Your partner is just as eager to discover it.

The Power of Senses!

A blindfold, as simple as it sounds, can really do your other senses justice during sex. Without relying on vision, your other senses, such as touch, smell and taste will intensify, ultimately leading you to a superb sexual experience. Once the blindfold is on, boost these senses even further, and play some sensual music or light an aromatic candle.

Blindfold Sex: The Wow Factor!

When blindfolded during sex, our bodies are filled with anticipation of your partner’s next move. Whether it will be a bite on the lips or a pinch against the nipples, you will never know. And that is exactly what makes blindfold effective! The element of surprise is always good to preserve in a sexual relationship, and it’s mind-blowing to think about how a simple fabric can provide it.


Blindfolding is a great addition to your regular sex games and is a great tool to experiment with sub/dom scenarios. With a blindfold on, your partner surrenders control over to you and knowing you can go any way you want from here on will get your blood running faster. Ultimately, this seemingly simple tool can help fortify the trust in a relationship, especially when it comes to getting hot and bothered.

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