4 Ways to Successfully Please a Woman in Bed!

Women are mysterious creatures, all with their distinct bedroom desires and preferences. As no woman likes the same thing, sometimes it can be difficult for men to recognize if they are doing a good job in bed. Fortunately, when speaking of the ultimate sexual pleasure, all women have a few common likes and dislikes.

If you consider yourself a pleasure-giver, here are 4 tips on how to become the perfect lover for and to really Please a Woman in Bed!

Please a Woman in Bed: If in Doubt, Ask!

We said it once, but let’s say it one more time for the back seats- not all women like the same things in bed! Because of that, the wisest thing to do in bed is to ask your partner what feels right and what feels off. If you are not a fan of excessive asking, move slowly, noticing how your partner responds to your touch and stimulation. As soon as you hear her panting, you know you hit the right spot.

Be Present in the Moment!

No woman wants a distracted man in bed. Oftentimes, we cannot help but wander off emotionally, but even so, making your way back to what you are doing is essential for your partner’s pleasure. One of the ways to stay connected to your woman while making love is maintaining eye contact, breathing in the scent of her skin, and sweet-talk between kisses and licks. Yum!

Please a Woman in Bed: Positive Body Image!

In bed, everyone has their fair share of insecurities, and that includes both you and your partner. However, once you are in bed, let go of all self-confidence issues you might have and helps your partner do the same. Worshiping your woman’s body and complimenting her all the way through is a great way to show her that her body, mind, and soul are just perfect and that, of course, there’s no one else you’d rather share your bed with.

Give Her the Liberty to Step Out of the Box!

Even though most women won’t say it, they all want to experiment in bed and try something out of the ordinary. If you haven’t been experimenting in bed as much, let your partner control what is happening in bed and allow her to show you what makes her feel good. In that same aspect, you can take the liberty to explore yourself, and who knows? Maybe you will discover something about the sexual pleasure you never knew before. 

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