5 Tricks for a More Potent Orgasm!

Everybody loves orgasms, but did you know that it takes a few simple practices to make them even more potent orgasm? For men, orgasming is much easier than for women; but just because you can have one doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it all the more explosive!

If you never paid attention to additionally boosting your erotic culmination, here are 5 tricks to give you a climax to remember.   

Potent Orgasm: Activate the Taint!

The taint is the skin that stretches between your testicles and butt, and when caressed or massaged; it can lead to not just one but multiple orgasms in one take. The area can be stimulated with physical touch, toys; or your partner’s tongue, so don’t be shy to ask for some oral boost!

Do Kegel Exercises!

Kegel exercises are not just for the ladies! If you want to experience a stronger orgasm, doing Kegel exercises can help. How? Well, Kegel exercises tighten the pelvic muscles and provide you with greater control of your orgasm. Instead of using Kegel balls, as women do, try tightening the penis and lifting it up and down on its own. According to sex experts, for maximum effects, you should visually write the alphabet using the tip of your penis. Odd, I know, but it works like magic!

Try Edging!

Pausing right before culmination is an effective tip to help you have powerful and more lasting orgasms. As per a study in the field, edging, or purposely delaying your orgasm has led to a more intense climax. To do this correctly; build your orgasm to about 90 percent and then resume your activities until the sensation goes away. Once there, you can start all over again and repeat the process for more extended pleasure.

Stimulate the G-Spot For An Potent Orgasm!

The prostate is also known as the male G-spot and when stimulated, it can lead to body-shattering orgasms. The prostate can be stimulated through the perineum, located between your anus and sack. To boost the bundle of nerves, massage the prostate externally by applying pressure or doing rhythmic circular motions to the area.

A Testosterone Boost!

Sometimes, the intensity of your orgasm can have a lot to do with your testosterone levels. The lower your testosterone is, the weaker orgasms you’ll have; and vice versa- a higher testosterone level means a more rewarding orgasm. As your testosterone levels tend to drop on their own as you age, you can use supplements or exercise; thus boosting its production and making sure your next orgasm doesn’t slip through your fingers.

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