5 Questions to Ask Your Partner for a Hotter Sex Life!

How do questions help your sex life thrive? Interestingly, communication is one of the best ways to establish a healthy and hotter sex life, and asking questions is a great trick to spark up the conversation. As with all things in your relationship, you want to connect and make sex enjoyable for your partner.

For that, here are 5 great questions to ask them whenever you want to boost your sex life.

How Do You Like to Masturbate?

With women, masturbation and orgasms can differ and typically, take more time. Some women enjoy the pressure, and others enjoy teasing while masturbating. Third love using a great sex toy when pleasuring themselves, so to get an idea of what your partner wants out of sexual pleasure, ask how they masturbate and orgasm the easiest.

Hotter Sex Life: Your Hottest Fantasy?

This simple question will unlock many doors to a sex life you never knew you could have. Women are full of steamy sex fantasies they haven’t tried yet, so poking your partner’s brain can easily let you know of her hidden kinks. If you are the one to go for role-playing, and you should be, next time you are in bed, play out her favorite fantasy and watch the magic happen.

What Kind of Touch Is Your Favorite?

Just like with masturbation, different women respond to sexual touching differently. For some, being pushed against a wall and claimed will suffice. For others, tantric lovemaking might be the key to your best sex experiences yet. Touch will always be a stimulant in sex, and whether you do it by hand or with a sex toy, it is worth you listen to what your partner needs from you.

Hotter Sex Life: What’s Your Mood?

Even when your partner is open to having sex, it is important you ask her what she’s into each time you hit the bed. Don’t be surprised to learn that your partner loves doing it outdoors or inside your car, everyone has a certain mood ahead of having sex. But, the more you ask about it, the more you can comply and make your partner extremely happy.

Your Favorite Sex Toy?

From vibrators and suckers to dildos and beads, women have their preference when it comes to using a sex toy. The trick is to simply ask what toy your partner prefers and then figure out a way to use it in bed next time you get together for a hot tryst.

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