13 Things about Sex No One Wants to Discuss!

Yes, sex can be great and thrilling and erotic and arousing. However, on some occasions, no matter how good the sex is, some things just don’t click with the scenario. Just as sex can be enjoyable and hot, it can also be tricky, and uncomfortable and not-as fun.

The interesting thing about that is, rarely anyone wants to talk about the things that make sex not-as-great. Why not, though? Here are 13 ‘off’ things that can happen during sex, but no one wants to admit. Such are:

1. Those times when you are the only initiator, and you exhaust yourself in the process of trying.

2. Dealing with a partner that suffers from low self-confidence in life or bed. The struggle here is to find the correct way to ensure your partner they are desirable to you, even when they think they are not.

3. Finding lost hair during oral sex, and thinking of a safe and invisible way to remove it. Argh, it’s just the worst.

4. When you get a cramp during sex, but you don’t want to spoil the fun, so you just keep going in pain. Or worse, the cramp is so bad you have to stop midway through and leave your partner hanging.

5. Fart noises that happen when two naked bodies rub together. While we are at it, let’s also mention slap noises and excessive wetness that just makes it impossible to feel anything.

6. Doing it with a condom on, but choosing the wrong size so it keeps sliding off. Or, sometimes you also figure out that the condom has either broken or it’s missing. And, now you have to look for it.

7. Pushing your or your partner’s pets off the bed when doing it. The same thing can happen with keeping the door closed or engaging in a pet-human stare-off.

8. The time when you are having hot sex, but it is actually too hot to have sex, so you begin sticking together like two glued papers. Nope, it doesn’t feel right doing it anymore.

9. Speaking of sweating, don’t you just find it irritating when you just sweat so much that you drip all over your partner?

10. Having your partner miss her period and having to buy a pregnancy test to shake off doubts. But guess what? Now the pharmacy is closed, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to do it.

11. That thing that happens when one partner is suddenly not in the mood for sex anymore, but they won’t say it. Not cool.

12. Being too tired of working yourself up to even orgasm. Let the click-clack motion commence.

13. Not being sure that you should orgasm, as you also have to pass gas, too. Uh-huh, no one likes to take their chances.

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/maria-monrovia/2019/05/25-not-so-fun-parts-of-sex-that-no-one-ever-talks-about/

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