How to Become the Master of Her Squirts?

Probably one of the most sexual pleasure for men and women is squirting. Men love to witness it and feel accomplished, whereas women get the chance to experience a mind-blowing orgasm. But, squirting has confused men for years back, even though it is basically all about stimulation and rhythm.

So, what are the secrets to successful squirts? Can you learn how to get it out of your woman?

But, of course!

Below is a list of the most effective tips to turn you into the best squirt-provider around!

Steer Away from the Awkward

Most women will feel uncomfortable with a man getting deeper into their ‘business’. However, this is an important obstacle to cross, together with stress, exhaustion, and bad experiences. Instead of forcing it, pick the perfect timing for the two and ease your way into it.

Make her Squirt

The first thing to do is insert the middle finger inside the vagina. Keeping all lubed and ready, lift the tip of your finger and touch the top of the vaginal wall. You’re right there, but far from done. Begin stroking the area to see how your partner reacts. As soon as her face is painted with pleasure, you can carry on with the finger action. Keep the teasing going for about a minute.

Keep It Coming

Together with your middle finger, insert the ring finger, placing it on that very same spot. Curl both fingers around the pubic bone and don’t be shy to get exploring.

Aah-ooh, Push It

Think of the G-spot as a button and press and release it in that sort of motion. Just as if you were turning something on and off, use light presses and work your way up from there.


Pressure alone won’t get the job done, so you need to master the skill of rubbing the G-spot. The best way to do it is through circular motion, keeping the pressure firm and steady at the same time. If you feel that additional pressure is needed, by all means, apply it.

Back and Forth

This tip will keep your G-spot game strong and effective. Run your fingertips back and forth, over the G-spot, almost as if tickling the area. Keep extra pressure in mind in doing so and keep the momentum going for a minute or two.

Arm Yourself

Aside from your fingers, you can use the entire arm to apply additional pressure and ensure a spectacular G-spot orgasm. With two of your fingers already inside, press your arm against the area (on the outside) and keep it firm while moving it up and down.


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