7 Sultry New Year Sex Resolutions to Make!

Whatever your resolutions for the New Year may be, you always have room to write down a few sexy ones, right? While you might love sex as it is, there is something so exciting about discovering the merits of great sex, too!

Great sex doesn’t often happen on its own, but then, you can ‘train’ yourself into doing it right for as long as you want! Helping you enrich your sex life like never before, here are 7 sexy New Year resolutions to make!

The Power of Sexy Touch

It’s not that sex gets dull, but when you have it regularly, you’ll notice erotic stimulation doesn’t work as mighty as before. Because of that, re-stimulating those body areas is the ideal way to get those gooey goosebumps all over again. What’s the key behind proper body stimulation? With foreplay, of course!

New Year Sex Resolutions: Out of the Ordinary!

What sexy fantasy have you been meaning to try, but still haven’t gotten to it? Let the new year awake the wilder side inside you and your partner and treat yourself with some sexy fun. Whether sex toys, a hot threesome, or even visiting a strip club together, going the distance in the name of sex pays off.

Clothes on

You heard me, clothes on. One of the best ways to revive your sex life is to start at the root of it- passion. Keeping your clothes on, whether inside your car or against the entryway wall, is so passionate, you can’t even wait to take your clothes off to do it. Come on, play a little.

New Year Sex Resolutions: On-Demand!

Talk to your partner and decide how often you can ask for sex out of the blue, with the other person obliging. From once every two weeks of once a month, we’ll leave the gap to you. However, to ensure the game doesn’t catch you on a bad day, grant yourselves an ‘I’ll pass’ pass.

Dirty Talking

If you or your partner are not comfortable with direct dirty talk, have sex in the pitch dark. This simple trick helps unwind much easier and get into sex talk easier. Another trick to try is to blindfold each other or simply sexts from different rooms. If you are pretty okay with dirty talking, you can drop a few hot phrases during the day, thussetting up a steamy mood for the night.

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