Top Hacks for the Most Orgasmic Escort Outcall!

Is your intimate life in need of some instant TLC? Have you tried escort dating?

For all intents and purposes, escort dating can thrill up your love life as no other service can! Professional, reliable, satisfying and packed on action, a hot outcall with an even hotter escort might be just what the doctor ordered.

When having an escort over, or meeting her at a hotel room, you might feel your nerves kicking in, but we are here to help!

These are the most effective hacks to set your escort date on fire! 

1. Get the Lube

Clients oftentimes forget the importance of using lubricant when meeting an escort intimately. Lubricant is great for various reasons, including boosting arousal, prolonging erections, intensifying orgasms, to name a few. If you find yourself without a lubricant in your home, you can make amends by using coconut oil instead…just make sure you only use it topically.

2. Use Pillows

When in doubt, always turn to pillows for a deeper angle and a new perspective of pleasure. Pillows make great additions to your intimate escort dates and are fit for back-arching, knee support, and under-the-belly placement. If you got the money to spare, you are welcome to treat yourself with a professional sex pillow, and if not, your regular one will do just fine.

3. Last Longer

The aim of many clients who date escorts is to last longer in bed and make most of their time together. There are various things you can try to expand your erection and delay ejaculation. These include prolonging your foreplay, edging, or going for multiple orgasms. If you are a fan of sex toys, also try wearing a cock ring for no longer than 30 minutes.

4. Change Locations

Oftentimes, escorts like to get out of their usual routine with a client, so have her do something she hasn’t done in a while. The best way to introduce change to your sex life is to switch up positions and change locations around your house. 

Additional Tips for Your Escort Outcall

Along with the aforementioned, you can also maximize your pleasure by:

  • Hydrating regularly
  • Experimenting with different condom textures
  •  Quit smoking and exercise more regularly
  • Do solo sessions to maximize efficiency
  • If struggling with premature ejaculatiaon, try going solo right before your date
  • Not forcing yourself to have an orgasm, but enjoying the ride one step at a time!


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