The 7 Traits Experienced Lovers Swear by!

What does it take to become not just a good, but an incredible lover in the bedroom? Interestingly, sexual confidence and performance are a combination of several aspects.

According to Reddit, you can tell if a man is confident in bed by one of these 7 key traits.

The sexually experienced lover:

Keeps a ‘Lady’s Essentials’ kit.

It can include several female-friendly items, such as a clean towel, an extra razor, a spare toothbrush, a tampon (just in case), and a female-exclusive sex toy. In essence, it’s all about manners and being considerate and well, because, why not pamper the woman you are with?

Doesn’t have to kiss and tell.

A sexually ripe man will keep his trysts discreet and private, and won’t have to build his ego by telling tales of his hot affairs.

Learned a thing or two from escort dating.

Let’s be fair, every man who has ever dated, and escort, took something back from the experience. Whether it was a new sex move or a way to share pleasure better, escort dating makes a great learning playground for men who get the praise in bed.

Gets creative.

Gentlemen, if you want your sexual experience to show, you’ll have to keep your bedroom games versatile and innovative. In other words, don’t hesitate to pack on lube, sexy props, and toys. While at it, the sexually experienced man also keeps his lovemaking style, locations, and tricks dynamic and creative. 

Doesn’t do the porn thing.

For men who have rich experience with the ladies, sex looks nothing like the adult movies. Watching porn as a form of visual foreplay is one thing but if you really want to show yourself in the best light possible, you should rethink copying what you see.

Won’t rush to the finish line.

A sexually ripe man is aware that women take more time than men to orgasm, which kind of makes foreplay mandatory. Being confident in bed is all about realizing that by prolonging the pleasure for you both, you gain more than you lose.

Has body and sound control.

The way you move from position to position and the way you touch and explore the woman in your bed speaks volumes about the type of lover you are. Through experience, you ought to learn that body language might be the strongest asset you have in bed, along with vocalizing your pleasure. Let her hear those moans, damn it.  


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