Is There a Sexual Chemistry on Your Date? 4 Ways to Tell!

Sexual chemistry is one of the clearest signs of physical and sometimes, an emotional attraction between a man and a woman. But, as simple as the concept of having sexual chemistry sounds, it is not often that everything just clicks in place. In some cases, the chemistry just happens and all the stars align. In others, chemistry might even take more than one date to kick in.

If you ever have instantly become aroused by someone on your first date, you know what we’re talking about. If not, here are 4 ways to tell whether there is obvious sexual chemistry between you and your date.    

The Sexual Chemistry Spark!

Ah, what would we have done without the spark? Having that energy-driven connection to someone else is one of the first signs of powerful chemistry. The spark usually means you will have no problem maintaining deep eye contact even if it is your first date. You will feel warmness and comfort and you’d want to come physically closer to your date. Having the spark sounds almost mythological, but hey, there are plenty of testimonials that assure us the spark can happen to all of us!


Sometimes, experience with sex and having witnessed sexual chemistry before can attract those keen to you like a closer. When experience meets desire, chemistry is bound to happen, and not just any chemistry. I am talking raw, primal chemistry that tells you your date has experienced sexuality on her own, as did you. Not just that, if your bedroom experiences are similar, you can expect to have similar likes and dislikes about sex, too!

Your Sexual Communicate Chemistry!

If your communication kicks off on the very first date, you can be sure you’ll have great sexual chemistry. At times, communication comes after a few dates, but it counts nonetheless- out of bed and in it. When you communicate clearly outside bed but during sex as well, you can expect to learn faster about your partner’s pleasure and vice versa. What this means of course is all the more fun and pleasure for you both!

Quality over Quantity!

A clear sign of obvious sexual chemistry is choosing quality sex over marathon sex. Despite being worried about how much sex you’ll be having, you will think about how to make the present experience better. If your date is likeminded, you can expect fireworks in bed, as you’ll both do your best to enjoy this intimacy to the maximum.


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