5 Sexiest Christmas Ideas for Your Holiday Bucket List!

Talk about celebrating Christmas in style and adding a note of naughtiness to it! While Christmas is a family holiday, if you are looking forward to catching a break out of the ordinary, we have just Sexiest Christmas Ideas for you.

Greet the holiday season with hot adventures, pack your bags, and book yourself an incredible Christmas joyride! If a Christmas travel miracle is exactly what you’re after, here are the five super-steamy scenarios to consider.

A VIP Hotel Service!

One amazing idea on how to make Christmas special for you and your partner is to book a room at a winter hotel resort. Nothing screams more enjoyment than a fancy room service, a view overlooking a snowy landscape and a fireplace cracking in your living room.

Not necessarily an out-of-town experience, just switching things up for the holiday will definitely ignite a lustful fire within you!

Sexiest Christmas Ideas: A Cabin in the Woods!

If you are looking for a more intimate setting than a hotel room, head to the woods to find what you were looking for.

A fairytale scenery, far from the urban chaos can definitely give you more room to enjoy your partner, drink a few glasses of wine and even walk around nude because, hey, it’s the holidays, right?

A Swinger Party

With 12 days of Christmas at hand, you have plenty of room for experimenting and fulfilling some of your biggest swinger fantasies.

If you and your partner are into mixing it up, join a swinger get-together and play with your deepest desires and sexual cravings.

And let me tell you, there’s no better time to get down and dirty than the holidays.

Sexiest Christmas Ideas: A Moment Alone!

Not leaving town for the holidays? No problem! You can actually make the most of your sexy playtime at any of the parties or get-togethers you’re attending this season.

All you have to do is subtly text your partner to sneak out of the party for a hot quickie and then….find yourself a dark, hidden corner and put things into motion!

A Stripping Show

In case your partner is as wild as you are, don’t hesitate to drive out of town and visit a local strip club for some undeniable fun!

Sultry and provocative, strippers know how to light a sexy fire within you, but make sure that both you and your partner get a much-deserved lap dance for an extra boost of adrenaline!

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