Top Sex Positions for Orgasms!

Simultaneous Orgasms Exist, and Here are Top 4 Sex Positions to Prove It!

Long a mystery to men and women, simultaneous orgasms are either considered impossible to attain or too difficult to. Well, good news fellas, you haven’t seen all those hot, steamy movies for nothing! Orgasming at the same time is very much real and can be easily achieved if you are keen on putting in the effort!

Rumor has it that two people should know each other for a long time for same-time orgasms to happen. However, the secret behind this equalized and wet happening lies behind the sex pose you engage into. And to help you understand the power of a simultaneous orgasm, here are the top 4 poses to get you there!   

1. Missionary…with a Twist!

Men enjoy feeling in power and control, which is why the missionary pose works so well in the bedroom. Still, if you are looking for an orgasmic release at the same time as your partner, try changing things up a bit. To get double the pleasure, slow down your pace….literally. In fact, the delayed rubbing of the penis against a vagina’s inner wall, and all the way to the pubic bone will result in a shattering double orgasm and will, therefore, leave your lady pretty happy with you. Who’d know rubbing could get you places?

2. Bring on the Toys….and Chairs.

One way to ensure a double orgasm at the same time is to explore the seated position. Whether you use a kitchen counter or a chair, this position allows you to experiment with toys of all sorts. Not just for your partner only, toys can be pretty stimulating for guys as well, so step out of your comfort zone, let the female energy guide you and brace an earth-quaking orgasm!

3. Do Yourselves Justice…

For a faster double orgasm, many experts suggest you begin with masturbation. Whether it is ‘to each their own’ or satisfying each other in various delicious ways, coming together will likely be the end result of your activity. Masturbation matters to both men and women and although not spoken of enough, it gets the job done!

4. Equip Yourself Right!

If you are keen on wearing a condom (and you should be!), go for the thicker and more resistant brands. Condoms labeled with ‘high endurance’ or a ‘lasting pleasure’ will keep your orgasm in place until your softer half is ready to explode! And then….it’s magic!

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