How to Beat Sex Blues and Get Back Into the Game?

As much as we all love sex, there are times get the Sex Blues when we feel suffocated by it. Whether it is the day-to-day stress, an emotional distress or something completely random, our moods for sex can escalate. What we are saying is, there will certainly be days when you are feeling that sex is not doing it for you. But, what if this unwillingness continues?

Thankfully, you don’t have to give up sex for good, but rather work on getting your ‘mojo’ back. To help you out, hereare five simple techniques to get you excited about sex all over again. Yes, even when you are not feeling like doing it all.

Sex Blues: Relax!

Sometimes, the thought of sex is what keeps us stressed. The idea of having to have it can be overbearing and on bad days, sex is the last thing on your mind.

Even if so, by simply relaxing before engaging in sex can work in your favor. In this case, relaxing is best done simply, so don’t hesitate to go in for a warm shower, do a mediation session or turn on some soothing music and allow yourself a new kind of pleasure.

No Routine!

We oftentimes think of sex as this ever-going interesting and innovative activity. However, if you are in a long relationship or you are just having a bit too much sex, the interesting part can drop off, leaving you stuck in a routine. Therefore, taking yourself out of the comfort zone can be a beneficial way to get your sexy back on, so don’t be afraid to introduce nuances the next time you’re in bed with a hot babe.

Sex Blues:Visual Stimulation!

When trying to find your love for sex all over again, begin with something that is visually stimulating to you. If porn movies don’t do you a favor anymore, read an erotic novel or listen to a sex podcast. Typically, when we perceive sex from another person’s view, it can get us excited to try it as well.

Sex Blues: Sex Toys!

It doesn’t matter if you use sex toys in the bedroom or when on your own. What matters is that sex toys a great way to reevaluate what makes you hot and horny and what gets your sexual juices flowing.

As a man, don’t be shy to give into sex toys, but instead, explore the way they make your body feel, thus finding your long-lost desire and lust. Practice makes perfect!


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