The Hottest Halloween Sex Positions to Try Now!

Let the Halloween Sex Positions fun commence, indeed!

The season of pumpkin, ghosts and bewitchingly sexy costumes is approaching in a fast pace, and you better make good use of it. When it comes to keeping things hot in the bedroom, this Halloween the thrill is higher than ever before.

There are many reasons to love Halloween, and adding that spice between the sheets may be the biggest. If you are into getting hot and heavy for the festivities, the following Halloween Sex Positions will give you a new type of excitement to look forward to.

Below, we are listing the 6 sex positions you can experiment with this Halloween, so read on!

Halloween Sex Positions: Tangled Up

The power of plain simple bandages can be a really spooky mummy-inspired idea to play around with. Wrap each other in bandages, unravel your bodies piece by piece and just go for it! You can also use these as blindfolds, bondage, and gags, so keep an open mind and an even more open imagination!

Frankenstein’s Better Half

The idea behind this pose is to have your gal stay as unmoving and robotic as Frankenstein’s bride. This way, you’ll have all curves on disposal and a total control of the penetration.

Halloween Sex Positions: Bubbling

Think of a Jacuzzi bath as your personal pleasure oasis and allow the soft bubbles tease you while in action. A perfect way to pull this off is to engage in a cowgirl pose and let your missus take the lead, while you soak and enjoy the show.

Get on the Broom

Just in time for Halloween, have your lady dress up in a witch costume, and ride you like she would do with a broom. For the best effect, use two soft chairs and engage in a face-up plank position, while the madam takes on a full cowgirl.

Suspension is Suspenseful

Being upside-down is the ideal way to get into the kinkier side of sex and even dress up as vampires to create a hotter ambiance. If you are not equipped with suspension props, you can ask your date to do a handstand or a shoulder stand, thus allowing you to take complete control of the situation.


This pose is for every couple who wants to harvest all perks of having sex, minus the actual penetration. Cover yourselves with some old sheets and explore the magic of grinding, humping and touching without actually engaging in penetration. Perfect for a different kind of orgasm, this pose depicts ghost sex as we imagine it!

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