Halloween Kinks to Try this October!

Sexy Halloween Kinks to Try this October!

Yes, it’s officially the season of all things spooky and mysterious. What better way to make this Halloween extra special than to join the dress-up parade and begin exploring some of your naughtiest fantasies?

As taboo as it may sound, Halloween is a great holiday for enriching your sexual activities and becoming someone else for the night. Make the most of those sexy, hot and inviting costumes and let your imagination flow! Halloween offers an array of parties and themed events, where you can get the steamy activities going and try something out of the ordinary.

And why the heck not? Daring, unconventional and desire-provoking, here are some of the best ideas on how to turn this holiday season into the ultimate sex playground!

Public Teasing - Halloween Kinks!

Hidden under your masks and flirting your way to the perfect sex, Halloween parties allow you to put things into motion early on into the evening. While public sex may not necessarily be the ideal scenario on Halloween, you can play around with your partner in a number of different ways.

For instance, become the pleasure provider and have your gal wear a vibrator or a butt plug for the night. Better yet, leave your underwear home for the party and hide your little secret behind your favorite holiday masks. Fun, huh?


This little game can actually work for both of you, but it will require a certain risk-taking. If you want to make this Halloween super exciting, engage in a little instruct-obey play. Watch your date from across the room and have her go to the bathroom and make herself orgasm in under five minutes.

Of course, she can do the same to you, and you’ll have to follow each instruction if you want to seal the deal later on tonight. If you want to make things even more interesting, snap a photo or two and present it to your date as proof of a job done right!

The ‘Haunted’ Halloween Kinks!

Halloween is all about feeling a healthy dose of fear and exploring the scary and unknown, within a limit. Take your date out for a special ‘haunted’ picnic and let your adrenaline levels hit the roof as you’re getting all hot and bothered. There is something about fear that makes sex feel even better than regular. And no, you don’t need to get away for the evening, but make that hour away a good one!

If you need an extra mood boost, dress up as a ghost or a perpetrator and have a little chase around the house. Yup, nothing says Halloween more than a wild hide-and-seek at home! 

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