Give Your Sex Life a Hot Zest! (vol.1)

As much as we love sex, the routine still finds a way to make it boring. For these reasons, hoping for a better sex life won’t do you any good, but innovating it might! Thankfully, sex is a great playfield of opportunities and ideas, so you can make it both fun and creative at the same time.

And if you are at a loss for ideas, here are 9 intriguing tricks to Give Your Sex Life a Hot Zest that's hotter, wetter and more desirable!

Upside-Down Kisses!

It’s an odd one for sure, but upside-down kissing likely never crossed your mind, and it’s so much fun to do! Aside from the novelty, you’ll get out of it (kissing upside-down is a whole new world), you will also learn to love your partner in each and every form. If you are into the spicier things, while touching tongues upside-down, feel free to masturbate simultaneously with your partner. Now, that’s our kind of party.


If you thought hair-brushes don’t have a place in your bed, think again. Hair-brushes, especially those made of soft fibers and wood can be very erotic and stimulating. You can use them in various ways, too, including for penetration, oral pleasure and arouse the erogenous zones. One thing to keep in mind though is keeping the brush clean and even using a condom when needed.

Give Your Sex Life a Hot Zest: Beat It!

Have you ever had sex to a beat of a song playing in the background? If not, you better get yourself a naughty little playlist and get in the zone. Having sex to sensual and dynamic songs can be equally pleasurable, so why not make a combination of the two and really get it going? And if you learn a whole new position while trying this effective tip, you’re welcome.

Touching Is Off Limits!

Whenever you feel that sex is boring you a little, get in the nude and have your partner do the same. And before you think of another round of sex, the goal here is to hang out naked without doing anything sexual. Subconsciously, the sexiness will show itself, but if you are into edging, keep hands off each other for as long as possible.  

Give Your Sex Life a Hot Zest: Nose Job!

You might have thought about using your nose as a weapon of pleasure, and if you haven’t tried this little trick, now’s the time. Playing with your noses can be rather arousing, especially when used for clitoral stimulation, anal play or, in some cases, penetration.


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