Brandi, 28

Ex Pornstar & Glamour Model


Make your booking even more special. Brandi has a collection of outfits she'd love to bring along.

You can request one of the outfits below when you book but please allow Brandi a minimum of 24 hours before your booking time to gather and prepare the outfit you wish.

  • Barbie

    Barbie leotard, huge heels , pink leg wraps , hair in pigtails

  • Secretary

    Stockings , suspenders , heels , blouse , pencil skirt

Ex Pornstar Escort - Brandi.

Ex Pornstar Escort, Brandi is Your Dream Date!

Set the mood right. Make it happen. Find lust, passion, thrive. Experience wild, fiery adventures custom-fit to your lifestyle. Choose feeling eclectic, excited, hungry for more. You know what I’m talking about? The power of passion is a driving force of the universe. It can make you feel empowered, energized, revitalized, accomplished. You know how it can make you move, do, want, and repeat. So, where is your love for passion and all fine things in life? If you are still on the search for it, welcome to Escort Centre agency. A place created to provide comfort to lonely and eager hearts everywhere, a place where the dates are heavenly, privacy is a priority and the services are immaculate. Sounds about right? Well, wait until you learn a little more about Brandi, one of Barnsley’s leading escort mamas!

A 28-year-old Ex Pornstar Escort, Brandi marks her path towards dating success. Offering one of the best services at Barnsley VIP, Brandi is the blonde and bold escort you dreamt of. With plenty of natural knack for dating and a rich experience in the adult filming industry, Brandi goes ‘all in’ on every occasion. Physically astounding and ravishing, Brandi has an hour-glass figure, a jaw-dropping cleavage and a butt that makes even the ripest peaches jealous!

Even more than that, Brandi makes a great company for a number of date occasions. Traveling, couple dating, double escort dating – you name it, she does it! Together with her wild bisexual nature and her given talent for dating, Brandi is also one of the loveliest girls you meet. Approachable, able to ease you into the date and always there to make her clients happy, this babe knows her craft and brings incredible pleasures.

Meet Ex Pornstar Escort Brandi, at Barnsley VIP!

Of course, dating an escort like Brandi is always the best way to go. Aside from being able to seduce you like no other, Brandi will also keep your privacy protected and will accept your outcall to anywhere in town. That said, this erotic superstar knows every trigger that gets your fantasy going, and is not afraid to go all the way and deliver! Angelic looking and sweet-natured, Brandi will also join you for a dinner date, and will make your date as casual, stimulating and thrilling as possible!

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