VIP Tips for the Best Hotel Rendezvous Ever

If you are looking to spice things up in your dating life, or have a casual date that you want to spend time with anywhere but home or in public, hotels can be a superb alternative. Hotel dates have existed likely since the hotel industry existed and make a renowned and a tad different date location that can be quite fulfilling.

Secretive, private, equipped with just about anything you can imagine, here are the tops tips to help you spend a memorable tryst behind closed doors.

A Reputable Place

When meeting a date at a hotel, the last thing you want is to choose just any hotel that is available. Instead of picking on a whim, try to find a hotel that, albeit pricier, has a great reputation, is located in an area that works for you and your date, and offers you stellar service and amenities. Top-rated or four and five-star hotels make a great starting point for your date, but always compare several options to find one that is just right.

Beyond the Bed

Now, the hotel room is a wide space that waits to be unravelled. What that means is that you don't have to head straight to bed as soon as you set foot into the room. Instead, try going about your date in other corners of the room. For example, check the minibar and fridge to have a snack or a drink together. Also, spend time in the shower or tub if you are not in a rush. Always order room service when you can use it - it's a great way to get delicious food, fruit and other supplies you may need.

The Setting

Most hotels will already have a predesigned setting for you to enjoy during the date. However, that's not to say that the setting cannot be improved. For instance, you can play some music, sprinkle some rose petals on the bedding, create a vibey atmosphere by lighting candles or playing with the light, and dress up for your date even if you are not planning to leave the room.

The DND Sign

The Do Not Disturb sign is your best friend when you want a proper hotel date without any interruptions whatsoever. Hang the sign outside the door, and enjoy your freedom behind it.

Pick Up after Yourselves

Especially if not using a room cleaning service - and even if you do - it is of utmost importance that you leave the room orderly. Picking up after yourself and cleaning up any mess you made will leave you an open room to come back and book again whenever you want.