The Reality of Being a Regular Escort Client

For many clients who adore the world of escorts and the services it has to offer, becoming a regular is a dream come true. In essence, being a regular client to an escort means that you will have a much more intimate bond with the professional, and she will have a greater understanding of who you are as a client and what you want. However, there are also some things that might not be as appealing to clients who are considering becoming a regular. Let's discuss the overall reality of forming a regular agreement with an escort.


With a regular escort, the client will already know the kind of cake slice he will be served, so to speak. Naturally, this can take away from the anticipation and excitement about meeting someone new and having a blast on your date. That said, whilst familiarity with an escort is not the perfect choice for clients who love versatility, it can be a soothing aspect for those who want stability yet casualness. If you already have a great escort to hang out with, and she can click all your right buttons - why spoil a good deal?

All Cards on the Table

After a while of dating an escort as a regular, the professional will have a clearer picture of who you are as a client. Sadly, as we get comfortable around someone we like, our negative traits may come up to the surface and be perceived as such by the other person. To prevent this and preserve the sublime experience you have with an escort, always communicate through any storms that might come your way.

The Bargaining Chip

Once you become a regular client, you might assume that you will finally get a discount for your loyalty. And whilst this is true in most cases, not all regular clients are entitled to a discount. Especially if you are recently new at this regular thing, you might still have to pay for the full experience - and it would still be rude to pressure your escort about it. However, if you have truly been part of an escort agency and have enjoyed their services for a long time, a suitable discount - in one shape and form or another - might come together with your ‘regular' agreement.

Personal Feelings & Meddling

When you spend most of your time with a regular escort, you might easily develop emotions. Or, you might want to know your escort's real name after a while of hanging out. Still, know that no matter how long you and your escort have been seeing one another, the agreement is still a professional one, discretion still applies, and privacy for you both still needs to apply.