Dispelling 4 Misconceptions about the GFE Service

The GFE service might be among the most adored and preferred escort services of all. Clients who favour The Girlfriend Experience know a thing or two about quality dating. After all, the GFE is a unique service in which a client and his professional companion can date, stay in touch and communicate just as in a real relationship.

And whilst the merits of dating a GFE escort are endless, there are still many misconceptions surrounding the topic. To get you in the clear, and in the know, read on as we debunk 4 of the most common GFE myths - and tell you what’s right.

1. It’s Not for Everyone

To the contrary! The Girlfriend Experience is the kind of service that all clients can enjoy, regardless of their age, status, background, etc. Simply, the GFE is a fulfilling service that can indulge the desires of clients who want that comfort and professionalism at the same time. Not to mention, the GFE is also a superbly discrete and private service, yet another reason why the service works well for all clients.

2.It’s One-Escort Exclusive

The GFE may be like a relationship in some aspects - the good aspects, that is - but that does not mean you ought to limit yourself to a single escort. Although many clients may assume that dating a GFE escort should be exclusive, the truth is, different escorts provide the service both equally and differently. In short, you won’t always have the same bond and chemistry with every GFE escort you date, so it’s wise you shuffle your options from time to time, so you can find what ticks for your taste.

3.Just Like a Real Relationship

Many clients may hesitate to book the GFE just because the word ‘relarionship’ comes with it. However, whilst the GFE provides all qualities of a real relationship, it is still a professional arrangement and comes with boundaries. That said, your GFE escort will never catch feelings and fall for you, and will expect the same in turn. This also means less drama and far more enjoyment. Think of it as quality dating - but casually.

4.It’s Pricey

Though the GFE falls among the priciest services clients can book - just because it features all aspects of dating - it doesn’t always have to come at a high price. Clients who date regularly at an escort agency or those loyal to their GFE escort will always get the chance to win points in exchange for discounts or be offered reduced hourly fees by their companion.