4 Stereotypes Society has about Escorts!

There is no escort business without stereotypes. Mostly, escorts represent a true mystery to many interested clients and are not fully understood in terms of their service; the way they provide it, and the details surrounding it. As there is so much confusion surrounding escort dating and its seductive ways; we thought about clarifying some of the most common stereotypes out there.

Let’s shed some light on a few false perceptions regarding the escort world.

Clients Book It Due to Lack of Choices

Absolutely untrue. Many tend to assume that clients who date escorts are only in on the experience out of desperation. However, these perception is wrong. Many clients will date an escort simply because they enjoy the quality of service; the selection that escort agencies offer, and the stellar companionship that comes with it. Some clients will hire an escort because he needs a plus-one to an event or a celebration. Others are busy businessmen who need an occasional companion to spend time with. All in all, escort dating is meant for all clients; of all walks of life, and offers a newness in the experience.

Escorts are for Unattractive People

Again, dating an escort has nothing to do with lack of choice nor appeal. As mentioned, clients of all corners of the world enjoy dating escorts, and looks have no say in it. Escorts never judge, assume or distinguish their clients; and clients never date an escort just because they have no other option. Many celebrities and athletes; for instance, are keen on booking professional escorts as a way to spice up their life without jeopardizing their privacy and discretion.

It’s only for the Wealthy

Nope, not true. Escort services tend to come with a cost; and depending on the service duration, type and the escort’s fee, the cost can vary. Clients who enjoy affordable escort services can book an outing; a date at the movies, or can choose a shorter service. Again, escorts do not discriminate against clients based on their financial abundance. As long as the date cost is paid up in front and in full; the escort will happily provide an equally satisfying service for all her clients.

Escorts Have Nothing Better to Do

Actually, escorts do a lot. Despite popular beliefs that escorts might be drug addicts, not as intelligent or lazy, the truth is different. Escorts usually have their own private lives in which they do another job or run a side career. Some escorts are students and find the business superb for earning extra money.