4 Personal Care Things to Do ahead of an Escort Date!

Clients oftentimes related booking an escort date with the quality of service alone. However, whilst superb service is a guarantee in VIP escort dating, a successful booking also depends on other crucial factors. One of these is the client’s own attitude and preparation for the date. If you care for your escort to enjoy every single moment spent by your side, it is always recommended to pamper up and take care of personal business. To look better, feel better, and leave the right impression on your date, here are 4 personal care tips to consider.


Exercise is recommended for clients at least several hours ahead of their date.
Physical exercise will live you up after a busy and tiring day of work and will set you straight for your escort date. Also, by working out, you will get enough stamina and energy to serve you throughout the duration of your booking. Exercising also boosts the happy hormones in men and will leave you more vital and far more vibrant. Alas, there is also the testosterone boost you’ll get with sweating it off in the gym. If there’s anything you’ll surely need for your escort date, testosterone is it.


Like exercising, showering, too, is an important part of the preparation process for your escort date. On one hand, showering ahead of your booking is relevant to your personal hygiene which your escort will highly appreciate. Also, showering is another way to relax ahead of your date and empty your mind of thoughts under a splash of water. Sure enough, if showering is not up to your standards, give yourself a proper spa experience and let serenity overwhelm you.


Speaking of hygiene, grooming is essential when meeting an escort. Typically, escorts prefer groomed clients who take care of themselves and leave nothing to chance. From styling your hair and trimming your beard to removing unwanted body hair and cutting your nails – every single aspect of your hygiene should be covered.

Put your good shoes on

If there was ever an occasion to dress up for, an escort date is the one. Not just your posh shoes, you should think about the entire attire you’ll wear. If you’re going to a dinner date or out in the town, dappering up is always highly recommended. Even if you are going for a casual date indoors, give your casual style some class on the side.