Before the Big Bang, Let’s Talk Big Foreplay!

No matter how strong your foreplay skills might be, there is always room for improvement. Moreover, if you enjoy fabulous, steamy sex, you should be well-aware of just how significant foreplay is. Not only does taking your time before sex work as a pleasure trigger, but it also helps build arousal, orgasms, and overall satisfaction faster.

So, what is it that makes foreplay great?

Of course, there are countless tastes and preferences but there are some things everyone craves in foreplay.   

Foreplay: Underwear Matters!

Yeah, think about it. If a woman dresses up as much as she dresses down for you, you might want to do the same. Lacey and transparent lingerie are appealing as heck, but to return the favor, you’ll need to up your underwear game, too. Not taking all clothes off will leave you pleasantly anticipating and curious, and you should give it just as much attention as you do to the naked body.

A Slow Massage!

Giving your partner or date a massage is a great way to ignite the connection, feel more intimate, and know your mutual pleasures. And while back massages are a great plus, you’d want to focus on exploring the body as a temple of pleasure. Don’t be shy to bring about a bottle of essential or massage oil, and let it be the beginning of a splendid, spicy adventure.

Foreplay: Closeness!

Here is a little tip for your next foreplay performance- try to get as close to your woman as possible without actually touching. I am talking no kisses, caresses, licks, bites- no physical contact. Once you are close enough without touching, you’ll realize just how priceless physical proximity is and you’ll want to enjoy this sensuality for longer.

Tease Your Heart Out!

Teasing both the physical body and the mind of a woman can be a very rewarding experience. In nature, women crave more teasing than an actual game, so feel free to prolong this experience for her. There are many ways to tease a woman erotically, from gentle to intense ones, so choose what you lust for and let it happen.

Foreplay: Take Control !

Some women love the fact of being pleasured in bed by a man who knows how to take charge of a situation. If your lady likes a bit of sassy bedroom play, you are welcome to take control of how your experience goes. Taking control during sex doesn’t have to be about rougher play, so think of it seductively- like finding the perfect wall to kiss against or be naughty for a while. Am I right?

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