FAQ - Barnsley Escorts

Q. Which information do I need to provide to the Barnsley VIP agency?
To book an outcall date, we will require your name, hotel information, your phone number, as well as the date and time of your meeting. In case you made a pre-booking, make sure to reach out to the Barnsley escort agency, informing us of your room number. In case you book a home date, we will require your full name, phone number and the specifics of your location, such as the date, time and address. 

Q. What about cancellations at the Barnsley escort agency? 
In case your escort date cancels the appointment due to illness, we will reach out to you and offer you a suitable replacement. Should you decide to cancel as a client, that is entirely up to you. However, it would be advised that you reach out to the Barnsley agency and let us know of your decision at least 1 hour before booking time.  

Q. Is booking an escort date at the Barnsley agency legal? Am I violating the law? 
Yes, it is legal, and no, you're definitely not breaking the law. The Barnsley agency is simply introducing you to individuals who will date you in exchange for a payment. The girls choice of date and activities are entirely up to them and the client, in terms of an agreement. All escorts are adults and have the documentation necessary to prove it. As for our clients, as long as you are not dating an underage escort, you are good. 

Q. How do I pay for my Barnsley escort date? 
Payment method is cash only, you can choose to pay cash when the Barnsley escort arrives. All escorts count their money, so please don't take this personally or as an offending gesture. Negotiations are off the table, as the cost is determined prior to your date. 

Q. What about privacy policy at the Barnsley escort agency? 
As soon as you book a date at our Barnsley escort agency, we will keep all your information intact and protected, meaning you get full privacy privileges and a guaranteed discretion. Due to the safety of our Barnsley escorts, we collect and keep the information you provide, which are necessary to make the booking. 

Q. I want to make a booking but cannot afford it. Can something be done about it?
We apologise, but negotiating with an escort is not an option. The prices are predetermined, so if you are unable to pay for your date, you won't be able to book one at the Barnsley escort agency. 

Q. Where can I meet my date? 
Before anything else, your date must meet you at your hotel, where the payment can be made. As long as everything is settled, you can choose various places to visit with your Barnsley escort date, including your home, a hotel, a bar, and more.