8 Secrets to a Healthier Sex Life!

Having a great sex life is not a one-sided equation to solve. In fact, nurturing a satisfying sex life is a combination of various aspects- skills, performance, daily habits, and your general lifestyle. As with everything else, your sex life is a work in process.

If you want to healthier sex life and turn your bedroom adventures from okay to outstanding, here are 8 secrets that will help you get there.

Healthier Sex Life: Kegels!

If you want to ensure a longer performance in bed, try doing Kegels. Other than women, men should also do Kegel exercises in order to strengthen their erection, blood vessels, and circulation.


Edging is a wonderful technique that will help you prolong your sexual pleasure by delaying your orgasm. If you care to have mind-blowing orgasms and greater stamina during sex, edging is just the tool you need!

Use A Toy For Healthier Sex Life!

Having a male sex toy, such as a vibrator or a ring can be a very innovative way to stay satisfied sexually. You are welcome to use your favorite toy when alone or in the company of a woman, who will gladly join the fun!

The Perfect Condom!

Not all condoms feel great on your penis, so you should consider doing your research on what works the best for you. Ideally, you’d want to go for an ultra-thin or ribbed condom that will offer both maximum protection and arousal.

Healthier Sex Life: Play with Stimulation!

Combining different methods of stimulation- from vibrators to massage oils and using your fingers- can be a great addition of newness to your sex life. That means, the more diverse your stimulation methods, the better the arousal and, therefore, the orgasm.

Let It Breathe!

When stimulating the clitoris, it is important you take pauses between your moves, so the area doesn’t grow numb. If you overstimulate the clitoris, your woman might lose her orgasm or arousal, so consider focusing on other erogenous zones, too!

Doggy Style Done Right!

Yes, it looks as though there is a more effective and righter way to do doggy style. Namely, instead of long, dragging and harsh thrusts, try going into your doggy with shallow and quick thrusts.

Healthier Sex Life: Boost Your Testosterone!

A superb way to increase your testosterone levels is to exercise regularly, especially before having sex. High testosterone levels will allow you to be more sexually charged in bed, last more during sex, and feel focused and in control.

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