7 Juicy Things We Need to Know about Sex!

When it comes to mutual sexual pleasure, men and women have more than one common ground. Thanks to sexual statistics and findings, there are many incredible facts about sex both men and women can still learn.

From unraveling simple ways to orgasm faster to women’s sexual desire vs. men’s, here are 7 things we need to know about sex. 

1. The Male G-Spot!

Just like women, men also have their own G-spot which, sadly, isn’t as stimulated or talked about. The male G-spot can be located just an inch inside the anus, and when stimulated, it can lead to incredible (and orgasmic!) pleasure.

2. Women Have Sex on Their Minds!

There is an assumption that women don’t like having sex or thinking about it more than men. This absurd idea is not only untrue but it also causes many women to not get as much as they wished. According to related surveys, only 53 percent of women are displeased with the times they have sex. In addition, 75 percent of all women would love to have sex at least three times a week. Hmm, interesting.

3. Simultaneous Orgasms Are a Rarity!

Hoping for simultaneous orgasms is a great concept but in reality, men and women need plenty of coordination to make it happen. According to statistics, 75 percent of men can orgasm together with their partner, whereas for women, that same statistics comes down to only 30 percent.

4. Sex Improves Memory in Women

A sex study showed that penetrative sex can help women memorize better. The reason this is so is that, during sex, a blood flow travels to the hippocampal part of the brain, which is mainly intended for keeping the memory and brain clarity sharp.

5. Men and Erection

When it comes to erections, there are two subgroups that men belong to- the showers and the growers. The growers represent 79 percent of men who are able to grow a sturdy erection. Then, we have the showers, or 21 percent of the men, who never achieve a full-size erection but can still perform in bed.

6. Oral Sex for a Longer Penis

Oral sex can largely contribute to a greater erection in men. As per a study, oral sex erections have been much stronger than erections acquired through masturbation or direct penetration.

7. Apples as Aphrodisiacs

A 2014 study on aphrodisiacs showed that women who consumed more than one apple a day showed greater self-lubrication and performance during sex. It remains uncertain whether apples act as aphrodisiacs to men, but hey, at least you’ll know how to keep your partner satisfied, right? 

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