7 After-Sex Tips That Matter Just as Much as Sex

For most people, sex begins and ends in the bedroom. And while that is true for sexual pleasure and stimulation, the same cannot be said about after-sex care. Namely, you should put in the same effort into after-sex activities that you do for your actual trysts. To help you with it, here are 7 remarkable tips to keep your sexual health in check from A to Z. 

1. A Shower

If you have time to hit the shower after sex, you should by all means do so. Usually, you can do a quick and effective wash-up using just warm water and soap, but a shower will help relax your muscles and keep you clean as well. In case you cannot do a proper wash-up or take a shower, you can use baby-friendly wipes to keep your intimate area fresh and clean. Ideally, you want to avoid perfumed cleaning products, as they might irritate your skin.

2. Bladder Control

Many times during sex, we risk bacteria entering the urethra, which can lead to an infection. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you pee right after having sex. Sometimes, you won’t feel the need to pee at all, but any effort counts as it helps flush potential bacteria and infections from your system.

3. A Glass of Water

Consuming water after sex might not be your traditional sex tip but it is an important one. A glass of water after sex can help refresh your body and brain and replenish your lost energy. In addition, hydration will also fill your bladder faster, meaning you will be able to go to the bathroom more easily.

4. Loose-Fit Clothing

Sex is usually hot and sweaty, which enables infections and bacteria to thrive. Aside from having a shower, you can also prevent potential bacteria and irritations by wearing loose-fit clothing, such as linen and 100-percent cotton pieces. That said, steer clear of wearing too-tight underwear so you let your privates breathe and ‘chill’.

5. Eat

Food plays a huge role in your sex aftermath. As you lose plenty of energy when having sex, you can make up for it by consuming a nutritious meal right after. Moreover, eating after sex is more encouraged as it prevents gassiness and bloating right in the middle of the action.

6. Not Done for Everyone

Sometimes, or most times, men finish in bed faster than women. However, just because you had your orgasm doesn’t mean the sex is done. Instead of fleeting the bed right after your climax, hang around until the woman, too, reaches her sexual peak.

7. Discuss the Aftermath

Right after sex is when you can have an honest conversation with your date or partner about how your trysts went. This is the best time to share your likes and dislikes and listen to what the woman has to say as well.

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