5 Ways to Experiment in Bed with Your Escort!

It is no secret that escorts know a thing or two about providing pleasure between the sheets. However, not many clients give themselves the liberty to explore their fantasies around an escort.

Whatever the reason for it may be, reviving your bedroom can be great for enriching your sexual experience and learn something from your escort date.

If you have no idea where to start, here are 5 sexy things you can experiment with during your escort date.

1. Exploring the Senses

Any escort will tell you that your senses are a great asset in the bedroom. The more you explore them, the more you can connect them to your pleasure, especially the erotic kind. Some of the ways to play with your senses and your escort are to light aromatic candles for your special date.

Also, you can treat yourselves with aphrodisiac foods or use a scented massage oil during foreplay. Another great way to experiment is to engage in temperature play, whether with ice cubes or wax candles.

2. Watch Porn

That is, together with your escort. While you don’t have to engage sexually, watching porn is a great activity to create fire in the bedroom. Especially with an experienced escort, porn can help you relax and feel out the vibe properly.

This is also superb when you want to at least watch your favourite fantasies play out on the screen, which will give your escort an idea of what you like in bed.

3. Be a Voyeur

As a great way to kick off sexual anticipation, allow your escort to play with herself as you watch. Although you are participating indirectly, you have a stunning visual to admire.

There is something special about just watching someone find pleasure. It just makes you want them even more, wouldn’t you say? But, if you want a proper ride, prolong your voyeurism as much as possible. 

4. Host a Sex Workshop. 

Sex workshops might sound complicated, but they can be a hot tool to spice things up with your escort. On one hand, you can come up with your own sex game, and on the other, you can design your own costumes just in time for role-playing. Workshops are easy to pull off when you want something sexy and fun to do, so why not? Next stop, the bedroom.

5. Clothes-on Sex

Looking for something out of the usual and still hot AF? What about having sex with your clothes on? Weird as it might seem, humping and grinding is exceptionally pleasurable to do and always keeps you thinking about taking your clothes off. Except, in this case, you won’t, because that’s the catch.

Source: https://passionbykait.com/sex-date-ideas-for-couples/

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