5 Virtual Date Ideas to Try with Your Escort!

As we begin to spend more and more time distancing, the chances for proper dating go out the window. In terms of dating an escort, virtual dates can make a fine alternative in the meantime. Virtual dates can be quite fun if you can work your magic and get creative, and to help you with it, here are 5 great ideas on how to spend a superb virtual date with an escort.

1. Main Stage

While hanging out with your escort on camera, turn your living room into a central stage so you can dance, party, and have yourself a nice karaoke night for two. If you have a sexier idea in mind, an emptied out living room can be a nice way to improvise and see where the pleasure takes you. In return, your escort can also make some space to treat you with a sensual dance or get into some role-playing.

2. Make It a Call

Instead of hanging out on camera, you can give your date a retro take and try a phone call experience. Without the visual, you will have to rely on your voice and sounds to heat up the mood, but thankfully, good old dirty talking always comes to the rescue. Again, role-playing also works well when talking on the phone, so pick an intriguing persona and get going.

3. A Hot Roulette

Thankfully, virtual dates can be great if you love sexy twists on popular games, such as poker or roulette. If you are into it, invite your escort to a game of strip roulette or naked poker, or even come up with your own sexy game and rules. Don’t forget, you are welcome to bring out the toys, lube and props to the show. 

4. A Virtual Walk

If you appreciate a great beach and sunsets, use Google to find any beachy location worldwide and enjoy strolling it. Take this time to pour yourself a drink, talk to your escort and relax, and let the sounds of the ocean set up the tone for the evening.

5. Get Wet

If you like a raunchier take on your date, ask your escort to meet in the shower and watch each other bathing slowly. Of course, you can play with toys and get as flirty as you want and even if you get hot and sweaty, you can wash it right off.

Source: https://www.glamour.com/story/virtual-dates-you-can-go-on-in-quarantine

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