5 Reasons to Always Tip Your Escort Date!

While there are no established rules on tipping an escort, the silent rule still exists among clients. On one hand, paying for your services and date is already a given, so why tip your escort in the first place?

As it turns out, tipping your escort is among the most appreciated practices in escort dating, and here are the main reasons why.

1. Make It Your Decision

When booking an escort through an agency, the latter won’t ever instruct you to tip your escort. However, as you have the liberty to decide whether to tip or not, we strongly suggest you do. Tipping is not considered an extra charge of your regular booking fee, so it really has to come as a token of your appreciation. Did you have a superb date with an escort? Make it noted with a juicy tip.

2. It Adds Essence

Tipping your escort is a fruitful way to show your date that you appreciate her services. Dating an elite escort is almost never about the money you pay but more so about the experience, you are provided with. That said, tipping is a smart way to praise your escort for the high-class service she provides. And although compliments also work, a generous tip will definitely add a personal note to your date. 

3. The Extra Mile

Sometimes, if an escort is enjoying her time with you, she might offer a service or two that are not part of your booked experience. When that happens, your escort is signalling that she is enjoying your company and loves making you feel good. A perfect way to thank her for the extra services she provides is to tip her once your date ends, and tip her good.

4. It Opens More Dating Room

If you are a regular tipper, you can expect your escort experiences to get that more satisfying and fulfilling. Escorts love clients who know the importance of a good tip, and when you do treat her, you open room for more upcoming and sensational dates. Tips don’t always have to be about the money, so you are free to treat your escort with a day at the spa, an on-the-go shopping spree or present her with a nice gift.

5. A Great Way to End Your Date

Tipping your escort should always take place by the end of your date. Whether you decide to go with cash or a gift, ensure you never hand your escort the tip. Instead, wrap your gist or place your money in an envelope and leave it on the nightstand for your escort to find.

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