5 Questions Every Woman Wants You to Ask Her in Bed!

Women have plenty of desires and wants when it comes to sex, and they want you to know all of them! If you have never been the one to ask, you better get into it sooner rather than later. By asking the right questions in bed, you will become a better lover for your partner and learn what actually makes women orgasm.

Of course, you cannot expect your partner to openly tell you what she really wants to be asked. To help you in that department, here are 5 Every Woman Wants You to Ask Her you to ask her during sex.

Every Woman Wants You to Ask Her: How Do you Orgasm?

This question might seem a bit direct, but it is the perfect way to uncover what makes your partner tick during sex. For instance, if your partner needs a longer time to orgasm, she’ll gladly let you know, so you are prepared to commit. On the other hand, your partner might even have a particular fantasy that makes her orgasm faster than anything else, so why not include it in your sex play?

What are Your Favorite Positions?

Not all women enjoy all sex positions, and because of it, it matters you get in tune with the positions that make your partner hot in bed. Whether it is doggy style, sideways, or with her on top, women can get truly aroused when you nail the position they fantasize about. And it will only get better if you add a sex toy into the mix!

Every Woman Wants You to Ask: Your Favorite Type of Foreplay?

There are many different things that women appreciate during foreplay. Some find the use of sex toys to be quite satisfying, while others may enjoy something riskier, like light bondage. There is nothing to be ashamed of when asking this question, as women are thrilled to teach you what makes them feel good, and will match your eagerness to please them.

What Do You Want to Experiment with?

Unfortunately, this is not a question many couples discuss regarding sex, but it is a relevant one. Women have secret desires and fantasies and they won’t share them, mostly out of fear of being judged. However, if you know how to ask or suggest a kink, you’d be surprised to learn just how happy your partner will be to get naughty.

What Can I Do to Make This Better?

You could be giving your partner oral pleasure, or you could be taking her in a certain position. Whatever you are going for, always ask your partner how to do it better. Oftentimes, something as simple as kissing or teasing can seem right to you, but then, your partner might think you can do it better. Moral of the story, listen to what your partner has to say.

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