5 Bedroom Habits that are Ruining Your Sex Life!

Let’s talk about sex practices and habits. In all honesty, the last thing anyone wants in sex is boredom and routine.

Unless it is a fabulous routine, taking sex out of the box every once in a while can largely benefit your intimate life. It is true that, in time, we have all adopted certain bedroom habits that just don’t do our sex lives justice.

If you are a fan of not great, but mind-blowing, raunchy AF sex, consider crossing these 5 inefficient habits off your sexy to-do list.

1. Not Using Your Voice

Let’s get one thing straight- your voice is one heck of a potent sex tool that you are not making the most use of. From dirty talking to sweet-talking, pillow-talk, sexy sounds, and compliments, your voice is here to ensure your sex life is never dull.

Women find men who are vocal in the bedroom highly erotic, so be free enough to express yourself and speak up when something hot just hits a spot. In terms of talking, don’t forget to actually talk through your sex fantasies, needs and desires, and to always be as open and honest as you can. 

2. You Judge

Intentional or not, judging our date or partner’s sex fantasies can be a seriously harmful trait to nurture. The truth is, no one possesses the same idea of what sexuality means or entails, so don’t surrender to assuming that only your way is the right one.

If you are not open to a certain idea your date might have for you, you can’t expect your sex experience and enjoyment to grow. But, if you are keen on playing around with raunchy concepts and scenarios, you’ll discover a whole new world of sensations and satisfaction.   

3. You Can’t Relax

Feeling tense ahead of sex is one of the worst things you can do for your self-esteem and overall pleasure. There is absolutely no need for nerves in sex, but if you still have them, try relaxing ahead of time. Feel free to enjoy a warm bubble bath or meditate and learn proper breathing techniques- every great sex life depends on relaxation and full enjoyment. 

4. Not Wanting to Change

To be fair, you cannot really expect a booming sex life if you are not willing to change and evolve. Keeping the same sex routine and sticking to the same positions and tricks will only keep the excitement alive for so long. Remember, no desire ever came from conformism, and what works in your sex life today might not work a few years down the line.  

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